Adrian Barrett’s Fugitive 4

Fortunately for me Adrian kindly agreed to describe his car is his own words. So with out further ado I’ll let him describe his car. As usual all the small thumbnail images contained on this page lead to larger and better quality pictures.

“I bought the car (UVA Fugitive IV) in 1990, it was road worthy and had been built as a two seater, I drove it for about a year before getting over ambitious with tuning the 1967 vintage Beetle 1500cc engine, after the last tune up it went like a rocket and expired with a dropped valve after just 9 miles!

A twin port 1300cc Beetle unit took its place soon after but the car laid dormant and was always described as “under going rebuild” until Jan ’98. I then dragged it from my brothers garage and took it to a proper workshop, where I had done a deal with the owner where by I could use all his facilites at weekends for a nominal weekly rent – heaven. After the first Saturday morning working on the car it was driveable, by the first week of March it was MOT’d, many changes have been made since but it is still fairly basic.

The weather gear gets a lot of interest from other owners, I had it made by a trim shop in Southampton during 1991, it works fairly well, however it leaks around the leading edges despite copious use of gaffer tape and rubber strips (on the car pervert!). The weather gear had the most severe test on the trip to Le Mans this year, from Le Harve to Alencon it was p*ssing down in the extreme, lots of leaks but driver and passenger arrived pretty dry considering, car didn’t miss a beat and cruising around the public road parts of the course has to have been the highlight of getting the car back on the road.”