Chatham 1998 Kit Car Show

Despite not having my Fugitive available to drive I made the journey down to Chatham as this event always seems to have a good attendance and is not too far from me. Whilst the weather did its best to dampen the day I still found it enjoyable as there are a lot of indoor stands from manufacturers and accessory dealers as well as the collection of owners cars displayed outdoors.

The big surprise of the day for me was seeing anything related to UVA’s at all. Most of the cars attending are quite smart 7 and Cobra replicas or historic replicas.  As my car was the only UVA last year I didn’t expect to see much to do with UVA’s , however soon after entering the show I spotted what appeared to be a UVA Fugitive F33. The following thumbnails link to more detailed pictures of this car.

On closer inspection the car was billed as being a one off called a ‘Sigma’. The ‘Sigma’ appears to be very F33 based although the chassis rails do not look exactly like the demonstrator that I have photos of. The car had a Ford 1600 engine and was described as the only one made.The car was up for sale at £1700.

Aside from the ‘Sigma’ the following cars caught my eye, again the thumbnails link to larger pictures of these cars.