John Corbishley’s Fugitive 4

A new member to the club is John Corbishley who describes his car below.


“I purchased a rolling VW Beetle chassis in 1991, which meant I had no bodywork to contend with and after dismantling and replacing bearing and seals fitted the bits to the chassis I bought direct from UVA. Over the next three years with problems of where to store and build it, I finished my Fugitive IV.

It came with a standard 1300 engine which after a year of trying to get right, I swopped for a reconditioned 1600 twin port. It has been off the road for eighteen months as I have changed jobs, etc., but it will be back on the road for the glorious summer we will have in 1999 (always the optimist when your car has no roof).

The adjustments I have made over winter are, raising the ride height because I enjoy going to 4*4 fun days and passing Land Rovers on cliffs, and also I have fitted rack and pinion steering as the play in the steering box was getting frightening to say the least.”