Newark Kit Car Show 1998

A good show for me this as it proved to be the first show that I actually managed to get to in my Fugitive. A few busy evenings sorted the car enough to make the journey, and a trip to my local VRO resulted in getting a tax disc although still no sign of a registration document after 7 months !

All the photos on this page link to larger more detailed versions.

The show was good with the outside area consisting of a good turnout of owners clubs, auto jumble and accessory stalls, a fun fair, remote control car racing and the cars for sale area.

The inside halls housed more accessory stalls, most of the manufacturers stands and a display of Italian replica cars. The main launch of the show was the new car from Sector 3 which looked like a wide Lotus 7.

There were 4 cars on the club plot on the Saturday and this increased to 5 on the Sunday, two of these were cars not seen at shows before. Whilst a little out of the way the club area was close to the where the helicopter rides were operating from and this helped bring a steady flow of people past the club plot over the 2 days.

The black and gold Fugitive above was of interest as it has been fitted with full weather gear by its owner. A solid perspex panel is permanently fitted behind the driver with another able to be slid into channels added to the top rails forming a roof. Additional flexible side screens with plastic windows then fitted to the sides.
Saturday evening involved a few beers at a local pub with the other club members although there was also entertainment provided at the site. Perhaps these ‘few beers’ explained how I managed to get talked into taking my car on a parade lap round the arena first thing Sunday morning in the company of a Burlington Arrow and 2 immaculate Marcos’s.

My Fugitive on a parade lap

Sunday also saw the arrival of a F33 Cam-Am pictured below in the for sale area. Fitted with a 3.8 litre V8 putting out 320bhp and converted from a circuit racer back to a road car. Whilst it was beautiful and built to a high specification the price tag of £11,750 means that for me at least it’ll have to stay a dream. If anyone happens to have that sort of cash spare and is interested I do have contact details.


After a sunny day on the Sunday I set of back home in the afternoon only to have the car overheat about 20 miles down the A1 on my way back to South London. Fortunately the small hole in the base of the radiator was fixed with the use of the gaffer/duct tape always present in the car.

Unfortunately this repair failed about 8 miles from home when the small hole became a larger hole. The car eventually made it back home after assistance from the AA. After removing and drying the radiator the AA man closed the hole up as much as possible and tried to solder over the gap. When this failed we covered the hole with several layers of  my tape and with him following the car eventually made it back under its own power

The aim of the next show at Kempton Park must now be to get there and back without breaking anything !