Rutger’s Fugitive

Rutger’s Fugitive seen in various states of build.

Registered as a 1971 Fugitive

Modified to 1303 rearaxle.
Balljoint front.
Copnverted from RHD to LHD
Steering-rack from early Porsche 911
1302 steering shaft extended
All round pre 1987 Porsche 944 disc brakes
4-speed gearbox from early Porsche 911 (68), custom made flanges for beetle axles
215mm flywheel, stock pressure plate. Audi tt hydraulic release bearing
Selfmade pedal-assembly, with 944 master cylinder, BMW E30 clutch master-cylinder
Modified 911 handbrake mechanism, selfmade cables
Custom 40ltr stainless steel fuel tank

Engine: vw type4 2ltr. stock crankshaft, stock rods, pistons.
1700heads (bigger compression) 39,3×34 valves
Schleicher 296° camshaft
Empi 44hpmx carbs
Porsche cooling (high model)
Lightened flywheel (normal 7.8kg now 5.4kg)
Modified type1 exhaust to fit type4 (bobcat)

Should be about 100bhp  (will be tested)