Thomas Arndt’s Fugitive

UVA Fugitive Owners Club – Thomas Arndt’s Fugitive
Thomas emailed me from Germany with details of  his very nicely rebuilt Fugitive along with the photos on this page.

The car was bought by Thomas as an unfinished project at the start of February 2003. It was then completely stripped and rebuilt with the front beam and rear suspension from a VW 181 Thing.
6 and 8 inch Revolutions carry 225/75 R15 and 33×13.5 R15 Baja Claw tyres.
Power from the stock 1600cc goes through a Beetle box.
4 point safety harness, hurst style shifter and VDO gauges are the main subjects in the seating area.
The UVA hood colour is now a self-designed-camouflage, but is not shown in the photos.
The car has the provisional registration for classics since January 2004.

Thomas hopes to change the engine to a mid mounted Rover V8 in the future and to get the Fugitive fully street legal with a historic registration.