UVA Fugitives Owners Site

UVA Fugitives Owners Site

A site detailing the Fugitive and other cars made by UVA
UVA The Cars
A guide to the kit cars made by the UK based UVA Company ranging from Sabdrail style cars to full on Sports Cars - UVA Fugitive Kit Car UK Owners Club
UVA The Company
A company history of the UK based kit car manufacturer UVA - Fugitive Kit Car UK Owners Club
The Library
The Library - UVA Fugitive Kit Car UK Owners Club


These pages are about the UVA Fugitive kit car (a sandrail or dune buggy type kit car) previously manufactured by the now defunct UK company UVA. Other kit cars manufactured by UVA are also shown.

The Fugitive Forums discussion forum has replaced several of the previous website sections and now provides a meeting point for both current and future owners. There are areas for Classified Ads, Technical Questions, Kit Car Events, Photos and General Fugitive discussion!

For new visitors the The Cars section is probably the best starting point as it gives an overview of each model of car produced by UVA.