UVA Fugitive 4

This car shares much in common with UVA’s Fugitive 2 kit car and more of the basic details can be found there.

The Fugitive 4 had a larger chassis frame to allow for the addition of two additional seats in the back making it a 4 seater.

While there are 4 seats it is arguable how useful they are, I own a Fugitive 4 and find some people feel rather cramped and vulnerable in the back as their heads are above the top line of the chassis rails. The rear seat does make a good luggage area though.

This car was primarily aimed at road use with the original sales pitch hinting that it was ideal for the older purchaser who could share the delights of this sort of vehicle with his children.




The following links are to scanned documents associated with the UVA’s Fugitive 4. Generally these are Adobe PDF format documents.

Which Kit Magazine review of the Fugitive 4UVAFugitive 4 article (1.75Mb) – A scanned version of the 6 page UVA Fugitive 4 article from the Feburary 1988 issue of Which Kit? magazine.

Scans of the UVA Fugitive Build Manuals (a.k.a. Technical Data) can be seen in the library section

How Much?

Although difficult to give an idea of the price of a second hand kitcar,due to the immense differences in specifications and quality possible between cars, the following are details of real cars seen advertised in the past.

  • Advertised in owners club magazine March 1996. Fugitive 4, 2ltr Fiat twin-cam engine, re-wired, Bosch electronic ignition. £1500.