Sites This site has a lot of information on engine and gearbox swaps. This site has more photos of the UVA M6GTR along with parts for sale including bodyshells, chassis,moulds and jigs.Suppliers

Suppliers Anthony Stafford Ltd. Suppliers of lights, the headlights currently on the front of my Fugitive came from here. Having recently tested the after sales service these are good people to deal with, supplying parts of the headlights following an accident. Supplier of many electrical parts. Sell wiring looms designed for Beetle based Buggies. Supplier of many useful kitcar parts Carbuilder Solutions sells many items ideal for kit car builders.

Magazine SitesĀ CompleteKit Car was launched with the May 2007 issue (having previously been on sale as Which Kit Car? magazine) An online, regularly updated magazine edited by Steve Hole. The web site of the publishers of Kit Car Magazine.

Non-Kit Car Sites I’ve designed or set-up A portfolio style website I designed for London and Kent based Theatre Designer Rhyannon Richardson.