UVA Fugitive 2

According to UVA this car was a direct descendant of the American desert and off-road racing cars. However another company (Kingfisher Kustoms) claim that it is rather more of a direct copy of their Kommando kit-car.

The car was launched in 1984 and was featured in Street Machine magazine in their September 1984 issue.

Either way the car was designed to be built as either an on or off-road vehicle with a choice of one or two seats. This was later complimented by the addition of the 4 seater UVA – Fugitive 4 series.

In its basic kit format the UVA Fugitive 2 was suitable for road use only although the company did supply the necessary parts to enable these cars to be modified to suit serious off-road use.

The kit was designed to utilise parts from a VW Beetle. Any of the 1200,1300,1500 and 1600 models plus the 1302 and 1030 range could be used. The parts which could be used were the VW front and rear suspension, steering, engine,transmission, electrics and fuel tank.

UVA also supplied other suitable parts such as purpose made fuel tanks and adaptors to allow the use of other engines. Hard tops, full screens and removable doors were also produced.

Today several of the cars known to the owners club a running non VW engines , including the use of Rover V8 engines and Alfa Sud engines.

The Pictures

This car seems to have accounted for the largest sales of cars by UVA so whilst the following are links to a couple of photos of Fugitive 2’s there will usually be plenty more in the Photo Gallery


The original brochure for the Fugitive 2 can be seen in the library section.

The UVA Fugitive Build Manuals can be seen in the library section as can a scan of the first of KitCar magazine’s articles on building a Fugitive 2 along with articles and documents.

How Much?

Although difficult to give an idea of the price of a second hand kitcar, due to the immense differences in specifications and quality possible between cars, the following are details of real cars seen advertised in the past.

  • Advertised in October 1996 issue of Which Kit? :- Fugitive 2 UNSTARTED PROJECT, ball joint front suspension , IRS rear, body panels. Seats,hydraulic pedal assemblies, urethane bushes, lights etc. £800.